Monday, September 13, 2010

Learning about Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Question:  What is the best resource of reclaimed timber ?
Answer:  That is a great question to begin with. In point of fact the best sources for finding reclaimed timber to use for furniture is from century properties and barns which are going to be demolished. This generally takes place to prepare for a more modern structure.

Question: What would you say is the biggest benefit of building with reclaimed wood furniture?
Answer:  I like to think that we are restoring times gone by by means of reclaimed lumber for an additional purpose. Isn't it wonderful to recognize that your writing desk or chair may have once been part of an old school house or barn?

Question: Why are new purchasers choosing to go with reclaimed wood furniture at the present time?
Answer: Well the price is of course important. It permits you to have an historic piece of furniture in your home at a fraction of the cost. Plus since the wood has been formerly used, it will not shrink anymore. The lumber has all ready stood the ordeal of time and proves to be extremely long-lasting.

Question: I hear that the LEED program encourages the use of these items, can you elaborate on that?
Answer: For sure, we recognize that many people have grown to be more environmentally friendly and this is a good thing.  As a result of having your project qualified in the LEED program you are endorsing yourself as being a genuine environmentalist. In return you will discover that your home and its furnishing will boast more value, particularly at the time you go to sell it.

Question: What are the top methods to decorate your home with reclaimed wood furniture?
Answer: Certainly one of the better ways to use reclaimed furniture is to simply add character and charisma to your home. You can effortlessly individualize each room to suit a particular theme.